How to Get Cheap Tour Packages

It is a natural desire to buy quality product at a lower price, but, unfortunately,it does not always turn out to be. High quality product is not offered at affordable prices, and cheap supply can not withstand any criticism. Tourist trips are also a product created by tour operators and travel agents selling, and we can consider the features of the product in setting of prices for this product.

For simplicity, consider the features for example of prices for beach holidays in Kenya. The normal tour package includes airfare, transfer to hotel, accommodation, meals and medical insurance. On the flight to saving does not work, because the tour operators also include a tour cheaper options. Without a transfer to purchase tour is not recommended, since you are unlikely to be able to get cheap hotel, but rather spend extra time looking for accommodation.

You can get a fairly cheap tours to Kenya, as accommodation is often offered in three-star Kenya hotels. you can also find two stars hotels in Nairobi and other maior cities and town, but be ready to compromise on quality of accommodation. Sometimes you can find and inexpensive four-star hotels, but not always. The cheapest choice is the food – breakfast. There are also resort, many inexpensive restaurants where you can dine.

Additionally you can save by choosing to go on holiday in low tourist seasons. For example, on New Year’s tours are very expensive, but by the end of January, prices are considerably reduced. You can also count on acquisition of the tour at a discount. You can try to get a relatively cheap tour, but their is not enough, and easier to focus on special offer tour operator, offering additional services for early booking. As a result, you can buy cheap enough to tour and have a good rest on the beautiful beach.

Get more information on Budget Kenya hotels by searching on the internet. There are many directories and websites where you can compare the prices. Getting affordable accommodation is one way to reduce you budget.

Romance Tours and Singles Vacations

Can’t find a suitable life partner at home? Would you like to meet 500-2000 single women in 7-10 days? Do you have a valid passport? Well, here is your chance! Coco Swan takes a peek at singles tours and gives you the lowdown.

In 1999 a report to Congress by the US Immigration and Naturalization Service estimated more than 200 US based businesses paired 4000-6000 US men with women from overseas seeking marriage. This number had doubled by 2004.

A romance tour is a holiday outside of the United States where you are provided with a guide and interpreter, if needed, with the ultimate goal of meeting foreign women interested in matrimony outside their native country.

Most tour groups have an average of 25-40 men in them, so not too much competition, but enough men for the ladies to want to attend the functions. Tours seem to average 7-10 nights, depending upon your destination, with some as long as 45 nights.

The reputable romance tour companies will escort you from a gateway city to your destination. They will also meet you at the airport at your destination, assist with check-in, and provide local getting around tours. All ethical companies will have office open all year round in the city you are headed for. Once you have signed on to a romance vacation site you should be provided with addresses and profiles of women before you leave. You should also be able to peruse the files of the ladies and request meetings with the ones who take your fancy. Included in your holiday package should be a fiancée visa kit with all-pertinent information and forms.

The Fiancée Visa. Make sure you are using a site that is licensed in your part of the States for immigration law and also licensed to work in the country you are headed for. The fiancée visa (K-1) is a non-immigrant visa allowing a foreigner to enter the US for the purpose of marriage. They are normally valid for 3 months only, during which time a marriage must take place. If the marriage does not take place within this time any extension of stay will not be allowed. There are 4 main service centers to handle these petitions, according to your place of residence. These are in California, Texas, Vermont and Nebraska. It is now considered impossible for a foreign single girl to enter the States on a tourist visa and then try and stay on and marry. So get the paperwork right the first time and save yourself a lot of time, trouble and money. Most of the reputable companies offer several levels of fiancée visa assistance packages ranging from self described basic, but proper, to full on liaising with your fiancée and lots of after care. Children under the age of 21 years seemed to be covered in all the packages.

Social Nights. It appeared that the standard tour provided 2-3 Social Nights in your tour. 3 nights seemed the norm for Russia and 2 or 3 for Asia, Latin America and Philippines. These are averages only. It would appear that the ethical companies should provide a similar formula to this. The socials should be fully catered with food, drink and champagne or the like. You should not be expected to pay for the food or drink for the ladies at these particular events. The social night should be held somewhere like a banquet room in a hotel or private entertainment complex. You should be able to indicate any ladies who you would like to meet here. Anyone you meet who you do like, you just ask for her phone number. The ladies should all be screened at the front door. The ladies should all be different at each and every social night. The ladies should all be personal invitees and not just females invited in off the street. Depending on your tour, you should have the opportunity to meet somewhere between 500-2000 females.

Most tour packages seemed to include buffet breakfasts. Make sure your tour will provide you with a private hotel room that you will not be sharing with another client.

It is a great idea to take along photos to show of your home, family, town, lifestyle etc; so that any prospective fiancées can obtain a better idea of the life you will be offering them.

Destinations: The most popular destinations, leaving out of the US, are Russia, the Ukraine, Latin America, Thailand and the Philippines. Males from other parts of the world are more than welcome to embark on these US based tours, although they can probably see if their own host country has sites offering the same services.

Russia and the Ukraine have at least 20 cities to choose from including St Petersburg, Volgograd, Ufa, Kiev, Odessa, Crimea, Poltava and Sumy, to mention just a few. Some of the longer tours incorporate multiple cities on the one holiday. To go to Russia you need to have at least 6 months left on your passport and you will also need a visa for Russia. Amongst Russian men there is a high death ratio and a high alcoholism rate. Due to the poor economy there, wives and families have become unaffordable for many Russian men.

The Philippines. No translators are needed in the Philippines as English is the primary language there. The Philippine females are often perceived as being happy to work. Philipino ladies apparently see the older man as more desirable and stable as life partners and fathers.
In the Philippines it appeared that 3 social nights was the norm. Airport collections, breakfasts and 24 hour guidance should be provided. In the Philippines it would seem that unlimited personal introductions were being provided with about 15 minutes of staff attendance at the start of each meeting. If after the 15 minutes things are going nicely then generally you move on to a café or restaurant where you will be expected to pay for your date. As a rule you should be getting at the minimum a city orientation tour by the company.

Bangkok, Thailand. This is the place to go if you are looking for exhilarating nightlife. The accommodation that I saw as being provided in these romance tours was astonishingly luxurious, far and away better than any other country that I saw. So if night clubs and swanky sophisticated accommodation are on your holiday wish list then this could be the destination for you. Buffet breakfasts were also included. You should be provided with interpreters, 24-hour guidance from staff, 2-3 social nights, a city tour and a metro tour showing you how to use the Sky Train. Your hotel should be just minutes from the nightlife. You should be entitled to unlimited introductions much as described above. The other benefits of Thailand are the great golf courses and the fact that you can have medical and dental procedures done in hospitals there for about 90% less than in the State. Imagine, new teeth and a new wife!

San Jose, Costa Rica. Rainforests, volcanoes, beaches and surfing. Not to mention absolutely stunning looking girls. Apparently girls are raised in Costa Rica with romantic family oriented cultures. In Costa Rica you should be entitled to 2 Social nights, unlimited personal introductions, interpreters, airport pick up, and breakfast.

Colombia. Medillin, Barranquilla, Cartagena and Manizales were all featured as places to go. Again, stunning scenery and even more stunning girls were heavily featured.

Machu-Picchu, Lima, Peru and Nicaragua are all other destinations that have been opened up to the world of singles travel tours. The Latin America tours were providing up to 3 one-on-one introductions per day.

Ultimately, you need to decide where you would like to go for your holiday and what style of prospective wife you are seeking. The professional sites have 250,000 applicants on file and up to 20,000 profiles for you to select from. These women are all genuinely prepared to leave their lives and countries behind to start a fresh life with Mr. Right. Romance tours have become increasingly popular in the last decade or so with the opening up of the electronic world courtesy of the Internet.

Tired of being on your own? Take charge of the rest of your life right now! Grab a passport, visa and paperwork. Get on a plane. Go on a romance tour. Bring home a fiancée- what a holiday souvenir!

Good Luck, Coco Swan.

Great Barrier Reef Accommodations Offer Something For Everyone

Many vacation destinations claim to be natural wonders but the Great Barrier Reef can honestly boast this title. It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and has been immortalized in art and film. After even a brief visit to the Reef you will know why. It is the world’s largest coral reef system and stretches for nearly 3000 kilometers (1800 miles), running parallel to the Queensland coast. The reef is abundant with spectacular wildlife from humpback whales to colorful coral gardens. It is truly a marine paradise that should be on everyone’s must see list.

It is no surprise that people come from all over the world to enjoy the spectacular sights of the Reef and the surrounding islands. Water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving are particularly popular but regardless of the type of holiday you have in mind you can find the perfect accommodations for your vacation at the Great Barrier Reef. You can find everything from four-star resort hotels to quaint bed and breakfast inns. With a wide variety of hotels and resorts, you are certain to be able to find Great Barrier Reef accommodations that suit your tastes and your budget.

Booking Great Barrier Reef accommodations has never been easier. All you need is access to the Internet and you have a virtual travel agent right at your fingertips. You don’t even have to get out of your pajamas to create the perfect island vacation. Just do a simple search on Great Barrier Reef accommodation and in just seconds you will be reviewing a wide range of hotels and resorts along with photographs and reviews. Once you have made your selection you can complete your bookings right online.

The largest selection of Great Barrier Reef accommodations can be found just a bit away from the actual reef. If you prefer to have your accommodations actually on the reef it is still possible to find the ideal hotel. Just turn to island resorts such as those on Heron, Lizard, Hayman or Wilson Island where you’ll find a wide variety of accommodations ranging from full service luxury spas to primitive tent camping.

While you are taking care of your bookings be sure to think about the kind of vacation you want. Some spa resorts are designed to attend to the special needs of adults while others are more family friendly. You are certain to be able to find the kind of hotel that suits your needs but you should be prepared before you finalize your reservation.

Regardless of which Great Barrier Reef accommodation you select, you will be getting the best that Queensland has to offer. There is no better way to spend your holiday that taking advantage of Mother Nature’s splendor in QLD. From tours to day trips, you’ll find just the right level of adventure to suit your tastes. Your Great Barrier Reef accommodations will give you the perfect place to end your day as you relax in front of a great meal and hearty spirits while enjoying bountiful Queensland hospitality.

Kerala Backwater Houseboat Tours

Interested in the charming walks on luxurious houseboats in backwater of Kerala? Welcome to the wonderful world of breathtakingly beautiful backwaters of Indian state of Kerala. Kerala is internationally famous for its breathtakingly beautiful backwaters. These backwaters are unique in the world and very popular among tourists and honeymooners for house boat cruise. Every year a large gathering of tourists, honeymooners, and nature lovers come to visit Kerala and explore its breathtakingly beautiful backwaters.

You will have wonderful opportunity to see & explore a maze of verdant deep lagoons, canals, rivers, and lakes during your Kerala backwater tours. One of the best ways to explore these beautiful backwaters is Kerala houseboat. One can enjoy Kerala’s beauty by spending some moment houseboats in backwater of Kerala. It would be truly a pleasant experience that will last for lifetime. You should not forget to explore beautiful backwaters during your Kerala houseboat tours.

House boats in Kerala are also famous among honeymooners from all over the world for celebrating their honeymoon holidays in a serene and sheer romantic ambiance. Floating over the tranquil backwater Kerala houseboat cruise provide wonderful and pleasant opportunity to see coir villages, water flowers, water birds, lush green paddy fields, coconut groves, traditional villages on the shore, temples, and of course experience the extraordinary beauty of nature by close. You and your beloved surly will got fascinated with unique and serene ambiance. No anywhere in the world honeymooners can get such serene ambiance with natural beauty as Kerala houseboats offer.

There are several backwater destinations in the beautiful state of Kerala, South India. Some predominant backwater destinations from where you can start your Kerala houseboat cruise are Alleppey, Kumarakom, Cochin, Kasargod, Kollam, Kottayam, Kozhikode, Kuttanad, Trivandrum, Thiruvallm, etc. These coastal cities are linked with beautiful backwaters. You can enjoy touring these beautiful cities by embarking on Kerala houseboat cruise. Formerly called Alappuzha, Alleppey is one of the most popular backwater destinations to start Kerala houseboat tours. Apart form beautiful backwaters this coastal city is also famous for its coir industry. Alleppey houseboat cruise provides wonderful opportunity to explore beautiful backwaters with water flowers, water birds, and beautiful greenery on the shore making it captivating sight.

Apart from sightseeing you will also have wonderful opportunity to enjoy excellent accommodation onboard the Kerala houseboats. Each houseboat or Kettuvallom is well-equipped with luxurious accommodation like sleeping areas, sitting areas, sun decks, etc. So, Kerala houseboats would be truly a pleasant experience for every tourist or honeymooner. There are several agencies for houseboat booking in Kerala which offer tailor-made and customized Kerala houseboat packages and organize houseboat cruise and promise you to provide you excellent houseboat journey and accommodation through breathtakingly beautiful backwaters.

Well, if you too are interested in Kerala houseboat tours, you are welcome. Book your Kerala houseboat package and start you cruising through the beautiful backwater with its water birds, water flowers, traditional villages on the shore, coconut groves on the shore, paddy fields, verdant greenery, and experience the serene and sheer ambiance which would be a memorable moment of your lifetime.